Manufacturing Capability

Our continuous casting and rolling production line comes with many valuable processes including in-process exhaust gas and slag removal, electromagnetic stirring, and molten aluminum filtration, and can effectively control the temperature and speed of crystallization and rolling. We use this equipment to produce aluminum and aluminum alloy rods.

In this workshop, bare conductors are produced by advanced equipment.
From the initial wire drawing of aluminum and aluminum alloy wire, to the aging treatment of single wire filaments, and stranding of finished wire filaments, we perform each step in strict accordance with appropriate standards and customer requirements.

In our aluminum clad steel wire workshop, our workers expertly operate the continuous extrusion and rolling machines and duplex-wire synchronous drawing machines to produce high quality stranded wires. The aluminum cladding greatly improves the conductivity and service life of the steel wire.

Rapid advances of electric railway systems have created an increased demand for copper wires. Because of this, Tong-Da has invested in a complete line of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment for contact wires and catenary wires. This machinery allows us to perform upwards-vertical continuous casting of oxygen-free copper wires. These products are approved by the National Railway Administration of the People’s Republic of China, meaning that our copper wire products can be used on Chinese electric trains with a speed rating of 200-250km/h, or 160km/h or lower.

Overhead insulated cable is widely used in urban and rural power grids for over-head power distribution at primary and secondary voltages. This type of cable has outstanding mechanical and electrical properties, and is produced by procedures of stranding, extruding, printing, and cabling. The overhead insulated cable is one of our most popular products with the output of 30,000 km each month.

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